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John Corbin

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Top 10 Mr.Fixture Benefits

  1. This residential urinal conserves 98% of a "water saver" toilet flush and saves an equivalent amount of sewage effluent.
  2. Unique "no aim" design, where the user is physically inside the fixture, eliminates "overspray" and "backsplash."
  3. Installs quickly and easily to drain beneath the base of a toilet with no major plumbing modifications.
  4. Quiet operation (shortened stream eliminates urination noise - lowered pressure eliminates flush noise).
  5. Raises toilet to new "comfort height."
  6. May be mounted outside the bathroom in areas such as a shop, pool cabana, and man cave.
  7. Stops toilets from "rocking" and moving.
  8. Ends the "seat up, seat down" controversy.
  9. Shortened stream stops creation of unsanitary microscopic airborne toilet bowl water droplets.
  10. Creates corporate "goodwill" and conserves oceans of water when used by the hospitality industry.

John Corbin

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Water saver toilet uses 50 times the water to flush Easily added to virtually any bathroom Patented  ToiletRaiser plate makes installation a snap! Uses just 4 ounces of water to flush Patented design stops splash and splatter Unique design allows flexible installation Stops the seat up/down issue Quickly taps into existing plumbing Helps stop drips and puddles Works with any standard toilet Virtually eliminates splatter and urine residue Looking for more?  Check out the FLEXIBLE Mr Fixture!